Open Lyre's

In our workshop open lyre's are available in a variety of sizes and tonal colors and each is made out of native woods.

 diatonic lyre g-a'' 16 strings  in maple

Kinderharde g-a''  12 saitig in Ahorn

Fibonacci Alo Lyre E-a'' 42 strings

Alto Openlyre model  Fibonacci E-a''

Sopranolyre 41 string c-e'''   elmwood

41 saitige offene Sopranleier 1

Sopranolyre 39 strings c-d'''  elmwood

Sopranolyre c-c''' 37 strings  Elmwood

Taolyre 48 strings D E A H d e a h d' e' a' h'  ( 4 choirs)  elmwood

Taoleier 48 saitig

Soundboard birch

Klangbrett  vordere Seite

Soundboard birch back

Klangbrett  hintere Seite